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The I-5 Corridor
Episode 19: Spaces is coming for our job

Episode 19: Spaces is coming for our job

Tyson and Aidan discuss Oregon's hiring of Dan Lanning, the dramatic end to the Timbers season and acknowledge the end of society as we know it: Twitter Spaces

The last time Tyson and Aidan got together for an I-5 Corridor podcast, Mario Cristobal was Oregon’s head coach, the Ducks were about to play for the Pac-12 championship and Twitter wasn’t angling to put us out of business.

So today, we had a bit of catching up to do, beginning with Aidan’s thought’s on the Dan Lanning hire.

“It’s a little late to want to go back to where Oregon’s been.I thought firing Mark Helfrich was a mistake. I thought there was a lot of value in staff continuity and it was a big part of what made Oregon a really special place. But we’re five years removed from that and three head coaches removed from that. I think that was what it was — a great era at Oregon and there was a lot of success, but at this point you want to hire the best guy you can get and Oregon feels like they got that in Dan Lanning.”

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