The I-5 Corridor
The I-5 Corridor
Episode 2: Ryan Leaf on Pac-12 picks, Nick Rolovich

Episode 2: Ryan Leaf on Pac-12 picks, Nick Rolovich

Leaf predicts a perfect season from....UW, then we learn Aidan traded Justin Herbert last year. What a Monday.

Today on The I-5 Corridor podcast, we learn Aidan traded away Justin Herbert.

And he’d do it again — for the right value.

Also, ESPN college football analyst Ryan Leaf stops by to break down his Pac-12 predictions that got the Oregon socials all up in arms.

Leaf doubled down on the podcast.

“This Oregon team has a real chance to be special, and what Mario Cristobal and that staff have done in terms of recruiting and changing over that model and that environment, I think is huge. I just feel like there's there's a little too many unknowns in Oregon for all the hype. I think they're probably one of the more over-hyped teams in the country.

“…every time I’ve bet against the Ducks and against Mario Cristobal over the last couple of years, they’ve absolutely made me eat my words, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they made me do it again this year.” 

Courtesy ESPN

Leaf also addressed the news cycle his alma mater has been in, with Washington State coach Nick Rolovich’s responses to questions about the university’s vaccine mandate for employees.

“I liken it to how I behaved, when I was defiant and resentful and angry in front of the San Diego Chargers media when I was in San Diego. I was just kind of like a petulant child giving short answers, being flippant, looking at the people that were asking me the questions as idiots. And that’s what this looks like it’s coming off as when Nick Rolovich is talking to the media.”

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