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Episode 22: A conversation with Chantel Jennings

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Episode 22: A conversation with Chantel Jennings

The Athletic's senior women's basketball writer stops by to talk about her past life as a college football writer, starting a new beat during the pandemic and Minnesota's poor pizza options.

Chantel Jennings spent more than a third of her life covering college football. She was pretty good at it, too, covering the sport at a national level with ESPN and The Athletic. Her work appeared in the sports writer’s bible — The Best American Sports Writing — in 2018 and she was a familiar face in college press boxes from Eugene to wherever the national title game was held.

Chantel — and Oregon — in a past life.

Since 2020, however, Chantel has been covering women’s college basketball and the WNBA as The Athletic’s senior women’s basketball writer.

In this week’s subscriber-exclusive episode of The I-5 Corridor podcast, Chantel and I talk about her time as a football writer, what led her toward her current role and what she misses most about Oregon after moving to Minnesota last year.

We also discuss:

*Sabrina Ionescu at the two-year mark.

*The early days at The Athletic.

* This amazing story.

*Minneapolis’ lack of quality pizza.

*How to throw a proper Mario Kart 64 party.

*Unfortunately, we do not discuss my favorite tweet thread of all-time:

Here’s where you can find her work. Here’s where you can find her Twitter. If you’re a basketball fan, it’s great stuff.

— Tyson


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