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Episode 23: This is an 'Aidan Schneider to the NFL' podcast now

Episode 23: This is an 'Aidan Schneider to the NFL' podcast now

Aidan has a USFL combine this week. Tyson has questions. Also: A look at new Oregon strength coach Wilson Love.

Aidan Schneider has a few fond memories of his first pursuit of professional kicking.

There was Pete Carroll in Seattle, smacking gum in his ear during a Seahawks minicamp, imploring him to miss left.

At another camp in Kansas City, he had the best performance of his career — after being told the team wasn’t actually looking to sign anyone.

And then there was the time he was one of numerous candidates to replace Cody Parkey in Chicago after the infamous “Double Doink.”

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Aidan got close, but he never quite made it to the NFL after his All-American career at Oregon. For the last couple years, he’s been laying low here in Portland, waiting and biding his time, working a job in advertising by day and co-hosting a worldwide phenomenon of a podcast by night. And it turns out he’s been doing a bit of kicking on the side.

He’s got a USFL combine this weekend. And this was all just a big run up to say we talked about it on this week’s I-5 Corridor podcast. Plus: A look at Oregon’s new strength coach Wilson Love.

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