May 4, 2022 • 1HR 7M

Episode 33: The I-5 Corridor's guide to Portland's one nice day of spring

It's 72 and sunny today. Why are you listening to a podcast?

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This podcast from The I-5 Corridor is free for everyone thanks to the support of Dark Star Barbers. If you’re a Portlander — or just coming through town — Dark Star is a fantastic shop for quality cuts and conversation in the Jubitz Travel Plaza. Book an appointment with Tyson — great name — or Adam at

Look Oregonians, we get it. Mother Nature has thrown just about everything she has at us this last month. The constant drizzle of the winter gave way to the wettest Portland April on record, with the heavy downpour only interrupted by the occasional hail storm.

But today is a gift. Look outside. The sun is shining. The mercury is rising into the 70s. There is blue in the sky.

Don’t look at the forecast beyond today. Do listen to today’s episode of The I-5 Corridor, which features Aidan Schneider, Justin Myers and Tyson Alger drafting their top five things to do on a glorious day such as today.

Plus: What to make of Oregon’s lone NFL draft pick. (37:18)

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