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The I-5 Corridor
Episode 5: Week 1 wins and Apple Cider Donuts

Episode 5: Week 1 wins and Apple Cider Donuts

The Ducks make it out of the Pac-12 North's week of reckoning relatively unscathed; Drafting the best things about Oregon in the fall

Not all teams get to 1-0 the same way. The result is just the same.

Oregon is 1-0. Ohio State is 1-0.

Montana is 1-0.

The good teams are where they’re supposed to be coming out of a weekend that otherwise torpedoed the Pac-12 North. The Ducks won 31-24 against Fresno State. Oregon State, Washington State, Stanford, Cal and yes, Washington, all fell.

Aidan and Tyson sift through the wreckage on this week’s episode of The I-5 Corridor.

Then, it’s the debut of Picking Oregon, a four-person Oregon-themed fantasy draft that could become a monthly part of the show with a rotating cast of characters from around Portland.

This week’s topic:

The Best things about fall in Oregon.

Our pickers are:

Brian Koch of Lombard House.

Elliot Njus of The Oregonian.

Kevin Palmer of The Little Cuties Hockey Club.

Tyson Alger of The I-5 Corridor.

Yes, there are other Oregon Ducks podcasts out there. But none of them have Apple Cider donut takes like this one.

— Tyson

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