The I-5 Corridor
The I-5 Corridor
Episode 9: Damian Lillard is recognizable again

Episode 9: Damian Lillard is recognizable again

Jason Quick of The Athletic stops by to break down Portland Trail Blazers media day, what storylines have him excited and why Damian Lillard is happy again after a contentious summer

For much of the summer, Portland Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard seemed unhappy. The Blazers were bounced early from the playoffs, Portland fired its coach and throughout the summer the 31-year-old guard and his NBA future were under the microscope.

“It was a really odd thing for everyone, including Dame because he’s usually so positive and inspiring and this was a different side of Damian that a lot of people hadn’t seen,” Quick said on this week’s I-5 Corridor podcast.

Yet as the Blazers began practice this week, The Athletic’s Jason Quick noticed something surprising. Lillard was happy, and Quick hasn’t been this energized to cover a season in years.

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