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The Traffic Report: John Scukanec and the final days of Catch 365

Last summer The I-5 Corridor brought you the story of a man trying to play catch every day for a year. This week we check back in with 30 days left to go.

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John at Mt. Hood Community College on Day 335 of Catch 365.

John Scukanec can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Longtime readers of The I-5 Corridor may remember John’s story from last summer, when I ventured up to Camas to play catch in a park with a man attempting to play catch every day for a full year.

That was Day 144. Well, John has kept at it and only has 30 days left to go. So in this week’s episode of The Traffic Report, I caught back up with John to chat about the last 200 days, where he takes this venture from here and that one time Ken Griffey Jr. pranked him real good.

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The I-5 Corridor
'It's just playing catch — until it's not'
CAMAS, Wash. — How in the world did I forget my glove? I was already losing steam on this story — John Scukanec, a Washougal man, is playing catch every day for a year — after a few other news outlets jumped on the story since I reached out to John a week ago. Also, I woke up this Saturday morning with an aching back and now I’ve driven 40 minutes acros…
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