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The Traffic Report: The final days of a rivalry

The Traffic Report: The final days of a rivalry

Tyson and Shane check in two days before the last normal game in the historic Oregon/Oregon State rivalry.

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Well, folks, we’ve avoided this long enough.

For much of the season, as the Ducks and Beavers kept winning, it didn’t feel like the end would get here. The football was too good. Things were too fun. But on Friday, Oregon and Oregon State will meet for the final time on equal footing.

Maybe they’ll play again in a distant September, but i’ll never be quite like this again.

In this week’s Traffic Report, Tyson and Shane talk about the game, Jonathan Smith’s future and Oregon’s playoff chances before doing a check in with the Ducks men’s hoops team.

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— Tyson Alger, The I-5 Corridor

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