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The Traffic Report: What to watch at the Pre-Classic with Andrew Greif

The Traffic Report: What to watch at the Pre-Classic with Andrew Greif

Friend of the pod Andrew Greif stops by to preview the Prefontaine Classic before we sit down with Brian Koch from Lombard House.

PORTLAND(ish) — We have some important news to break here on The I-5 Corridor: According to sources, Andrew Greif is “questionable” for the Media 400 on Saturday at the Prefontaine Classic.

For longtime I-5 subscribers, you may remember the time Andrew and I decided to dust off the spikes to dash around Hayward Field at the 2022 Pre-Classic.

Well, I’m out this year because I’m in Africa. And while Andrew did sign up for Saturday’s race, my source tells me there’s some Achilles tightness that could make it a game-time decision.

Thankfully, Andrew’s laptop is healthy and he’ll be there all weekend writing about the real athletes for World Athletics. But first, Andrew stopped by The Traffic Report to preview this weekend’s Prefontaine Classic and tell us a little about what he’s been up to since his time covering the Clippers for the LA Times came to an end earlier this year. Then I ask him if he’s going to lean more Lanning or Dabo when it comes to utilizing the transfer portal when NCAA Football 24 hits shelves next month.

In the second part of this episode, I sit down at Lombard House with owner Brian Koch, who will be hosting Philadelphia Eagles’ tight end Grant Calcaterra at the bar on Saturday for a fundraiser to support the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. It’s a great cause, a great bar and I would highly recommend getting up to St. Johns on Saturday for some great company and drinks.

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As for me, I still have another week here across the world. I’ve been weighing whether I should write some sort of Travel Blog for when I get back, but I also get really bored when other people talk about their vacations, so let me know if that’s a non-starter.

I will make you look at a few pictures, though. And hey, if you want to subscribe to The I-5 Corridor and help out so I don’t have to worry about working during my next once-every-two-years vacation, we’d sure appreciate the support!

Now, just a few photos from this morning’s trek through Hlane Royal National Park in Eswatini.

— Tyson Alger, The I-5 Corridor

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