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The I-5 Corridor's coverage of sports in Portland.

As we charge full steam into 2023, The I-5 Corridor offers up our predictions for the coming year.
The things you need to know from the weekend in the Northwest.
The basketball buzz has settled and now Shelstad is back to being one of the state’s best all-around athletes for Jon Eagle’s West Linn Lions.
“You know those dragsters that use high-octane for short bursts to go 300 miles-per-hour? That’s Thomas."
In the latest version of David versus Goliath, the Vikings are turning to a different type of stone.
Months since its announcement, the masses still seem unhappy about the golf course's upcoming hosting of the Saudi-backed golf league.
He may have the hardest job in college football, but Portland State's head coach has no time to talk about problems.
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