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The I-5 Corridor's coverage of Oregon State athletics

As we charge full steam into 2023, The I-5 Corridor offers up our predictions for the coming year.
DJ Uiagalelei, Bo Nix, Michael Penix Jr., Caleb Williams and more are set to make the 2023 Pac-12 season one for the quarterbacks.
It's never been flashy for Jonathan Smith. He likes it that way.
Courtside for the men's semifinal or a frantic trip north to catch something special? On Friday in Portland, Shane Hoffmann put it to fate.
A year ago, Oregon State's tough loss to Duke would have been worthy a parade. But here in 2022, Wayne Tinkle and the Beavers instead go home hungry.
It’s official: At 3-0, these Beavers are already a step ahead of last year’s.
Coach Scott Rueck learned more than a decade ago not to load expectations onto his players. Yeaney may be an exception.
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