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Coming back to play college ball might be a tough thing for a guy like Nix, who is clearly talented enough to play at the next level but suffering greatly from perception bias. These days though a good NIL offer and an insurance policy against loss of draft status could be a better deal than becoming a 6th round pick for a team that might not need a QB. The incentive will be there to stay if he's willing.

Clearly the job is far from settled next year. While Thompson hasn't had the fairest shot to play a full game with a plan tailored for him, he's not looked ready at all out there. Moore might be the second coming of the Almighty but relying on a true frosh QB would be foolish.

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Super impressed with the grit & guts that Nix displayed. He simply willed just enough offense into existence to win the game.

Ty Thompson has has 3 years in the program to make it onto the field. Every time he takes the field, I cringe, expecting disaster [and often, Ty delivers on that expectation-- including the botched pitch on the one play he ran]. Quite frankly, he has consistently shown that he's not an FBS quarterback. Plain & simple, he's just not good enough.

Hopefully a big enough NIL package can be put together for Bo and he stays for one more year to tutor Moore. If not, the Ducks need to mine the portal again for a capable replacement.

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