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Well said, TA. Great story about Altman driving down I-5 toward California, which to Oregonians has to be a metaphor for descending toward madness. He’s a brilliant coach who will squeeze everything possible out of this team before it’s over.

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It's great that the team found a way to self-motivate and win the game. Other than Altman's "Who are we?" question to the team, he already indicated that he didn't know what else to do.

Count me among the "internet doubters" of Altman and his current coaching staff. I think his recent recruiting efforts (particularly since Tony Stubblefield left for DePaul) has been oriented towards "star chasing", rather than looking for [and more-importantly, DEVELOPING] tough, chip-on-their-shoulders players. And the results are bearing out: inconsistent efforts in games, more road losses, guys who aren't drafted [or flame out] in the NBA, etc.

I have real concerns whether this 64-year-old, white coach has the ability to understand, relate to and motivate young, modern players. No shade being thrown on Coach Altman, but I do wonder whether he is beyond his window of maximum effectiveness.

Let's hope that Couisnard can continue his hot shooting, as the ability to shoot effectively [outside, inside or at the free-throw line] has been a major Achilles heel of the current team.

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Appreciate that, DH. Thanks for reading.

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