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The Corridor Club: Meeting 1 recap

A note about weekend programming and a recap from Thursday's Corridor Club meeting.

Happy Friday, all.

A little look at our weekend programming:

I’ll be heading down to Eugene on Saturday for the Oregon/Washington State men’s game. With the Cougars sitting at 17-6 and holding the same 8-4 record in Pac-12 play as the Ducks, that one holds a little bit more weight than we were all expecting at the start of the year now, doesn’t it?

Expect a story that evening.

I’ll also be publishing a profile this weekend on Oregon State women’s forward Reagan Beers. After scoring 16 points and pulling down 14 rebounds in OSU’s win over Oregon on Sunday, the I-5 Corridor spent some time with the sophomore as she went about her off-day routine at the OSU ceramics center.

Photo courtesy Andrew Goodwin/OSU

For those who missed last night’s Corridor Club1 meeting:

  1. Again, sorry about the scheduling there.

  2. I’ve uploaded the recording from our Zoom last night — edited slightly for time and spiciness.

  3. In the future, I’ll continue to post highlights from these meetings for all paid subscribers. But participation in our monthly Corridor Club session will be limited to CC members.

  4. Topics covered this month included:

    Are cruises worth it?

    Gatlin Bair’s speed in context

    Eugene’s hidden AirBnB gems

    Recommendations from a Badger for Oregon’s game at Wisconsin

    Blake Timm, The Goat

    That time Andrew Greif helped Adele out in a pinch

    And a never-told story behind this photo:

    See you all this weekend.

    — Tyson Alger, The I-5 Corridor


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