The I-5 Corridor at six months

Facing the college football offseason as a new site that writes mostly about college football felt a bit daunting. But looking back at the past month, I can happily say The I-5 Corridor is accomplishing its goal of providing unique stories worth reading.

Subscribers this last month learned:1

Other sites can produce more content and I certainly can’t compete with corporate pricing that give discounts upwards of 90 percent. But we’re six months old this week, we’re still growing and I’m certainly grateful for everyone who has been along for the ride. 

A specific shoutout to Aidan Schneider for being a joy to podcast with and to Shane Hoffmann, whose basketball stories have been a great contribution. I’d like to hire him, but he’ll probably be off working for ESPN by the time I can afford that.

If I can ask a favor: If you read something you like here, please don’t be afraid to share. We’re running on word of mouth, and every time someone shares a story on social — or in real old-fashioned conversation — it continues to lend the site credibility.

Also, a reminder: Gift subscriptions are available, too.

Now since this is a discussion thread, tell me two things:

1. What do you want to read over the next six months on The I-5 Corridor?

2. If you were me, how would you go about growing your audience?2

Cheers everyone. Have a great weekend.



These stories have all been unlocked for those who want to sample/share.


If the answer here is “puppy pictures,” meet Milos, The I-5 Corridor’s new copy editor.