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Nov 14, 2022Liked by Shane Hoffmann

Great pod, lots of well made points. It was good to hear Shane explain the reasoning behind the unsuccessful 4th down call, which was the same reasoning for the onside kick - chances are UW is going to score regardless of what you do in those situations. The choice you have is how much time you want to leave yourself to respond. It's weird how many people are saying these were poor decisions while also slamming the defense whose performance justified those decisions.

There's also the double edged sword of being very good on 4th down - even if you're successful 75% of the time, people will act like it's not a good decision on the 25% of times it doesn't work. There was some regression to mean that unfortunately popped up this game, including the first fumble lost that just happened to be at the goal line after a funky formation change that they probably practiced a hundred times without issue.

All in all it's nice to go forward without the pressure of the playoffs looming, as well as knowing we won't face a QB as good as Penix in our final two games of the regular season. The defense has nowhere to go but up and you have to think they'll be extra motivated (please?) against Utah.

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