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The Traffic Report: About that Oregon State Spring game

The Traffic Report: About that Oregon State Spring game

Bill Oram from The Oregonian/OregonLive stops by to explain why he thinks Oregon State needs to start acting a bit like...Oregon.

Bill Oram had a take.

The sports columnist of The Oregonian/OregonLive went to Reser Stadium on Saturday for Oregon State’s spring game, wasn’t impressed and wrote about it.

If a spring football game exists only to get players live reps and to give coaches fresh film to obsess over until August, then Oregon State knocked it out of the park on Saturday.

But if there is an opportunity at the end of spring practices to energize your fanbase, build excitement and tell your story, well, it was a whiff.

That column had mixed reviews in Corvallis. Naturally, Oram doubled down, writing on Wednesday that Oregon State needs to start thinking a little bit like Oregon.

My advice to Beavers fans — and, more important, the people calling the shots — is to stop being so proud that you can’t admit something needs to change.

And, well, guys like Bret aren’t handling that one well.

I was at Oregon State’s spring game, too, and had similar thoughts as Oram. We discussed them on this week’s Traffic Report.

Then, Kevin Palmer stops by to let us know what he wrangled out of the Augusta gift shop.

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On Deck: I’ll have a report from Eugene following Oregon’s Saturday spring game.

— Tyson Alger, The I-5 Corridor