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The Traffic Report: Expanding to the 405

The Traffic Report: Expanding to the 405

Tyson and Shane on the D-Boyz, Signing Day and dipping our toes into soccer coverage.

Happy signing day, for those who celebrate.

Yes, the Ducks got another 5-star (Idaho WR Gatlin Bair, whose arrival to Eugene will be delayed by two years with a church mission) and yes, it’s still an important time for teams across the country as they put their final touches on their rosters before spring practice.

But ever since the early signing period in December came into play late last decade, February’s OG event kind of has the feeling of going to Disneyland the week Disney World opened up in 1971.

So yes, on this week’s Traffic Report, we do touch on national signing day. But we also dive into how Shane’s story on the D-Boyz came together and announce our foray into soccer coverage.

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— Tyson Alger, The I-5 Corridor


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