May 11, 2022 • 37M

Episode 35: A conversation with Oregon's Kenny Farr

This week we chat with Oregon's equipment administrator about chrome helmets, uniforms that didn't make it to the field and being one of the few familiar faces left in the building.

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Tyson Alger
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This week on The I-5 Corridor podcast we have an interview with Oregon equipment administrator Kenny Farr. On and off with the staff since the 1990s, Farr is one of the most recognizable faces on campus and the most popular among Oregon’s athletes.

For good reason: He’s the guy who makes sure the school known for looking good looks so good week in and week out.

Today we talk about how his job has changed over the years, the risk of wearing chrome helmets at the Rose Bowl, what coaches took the most interest in jerseys and what uniform concepts got left on the design room table.

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Tyson Alger

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