Sitemap - 2022 - The I-5 Corridor

The Bronny Effect

So that's the point

The Best of 2022 along The I-5 Corridor

The Beavers got their quarterback

Yogi Roth is chasing Roses

The Traffic Report: Seriously, drive safe out there

The Ducks better be ready for the smoke

Well Dan, that was impressive

The ballad of Dawson Jaramillo

Bo knows

12,000 Legos and a great week at the ballpark

The Oregon Ducks have found their life jacket in Will Richardson 5.0

Jonathan Smith, Dan Lanning and the college football high-wire act

'This is not a democracy': The Ducks are off and running after Rogers' barrage downs Beavers

Searching for the QB U of the Pac-12 era

The Traffic Report: A new OC and portal season is upon us

Whose offense is it anyway? An I-5 Corridor Oregon offensive coordinator quiz

The Traffic Report: And we move forward

The I-5: Cota has a moment, Altman's latest magic trick and the party up on the Bluff

A party 5-years in the making

The Ducks can't buy a sound night of sleep after this one

The PK Diaries: 13 minutes and a shot at an upset

The PK Diaries: Phil, Sabrina and top-25 basketball come to the neighborhood

The PK Diaries: Progress for Oregon State is an angry Thanksgiving

Is it finally Bennett Williams and the Oregon defense's time to shine?

'We need some anxiety': Now tested, Linfield digs in for playoff run

Bo Nix and the greatest run of the season

A few housekeeping items and a mailbag request

'I call it dating kryptonite,' says man who's been to 46 football games this season

'We don't have to be superheroes': On Oregon State's trek forward

The I-5 Traffic Report: Woof

Dear Washington: This space is yours

The Traffic Report: So we're still doing the carpet thing

Bo Nix is having more fun than anyone in college football

3 years in, N’Faly Dante is finally getting the star treatment

Dear Washington: It's time to start pulling your weight

The I-5 Corridor's rooting guide to Herbert vs. Mariota II

The Traffic Report: Our old takes, exposed

It's time to name Sinclair Street

A ho-hum victory over Cal still gets the Ducks where they need to be

Bendu Yeaney’s homecoming serves as catalyst for young Beavers

Mailbag: On Bucky compared to LaMichael, Noah Sewell's production and a lost chance at reality show fame

The Traffic Report: We only cover good teams now

The I-5: Take a bow everyone

So, the Ducks are back

Episode 47: Does anyone in LA care about this game?

Mike Bellotti on the return of Chip, Lanning's start and those times he turned down UCLA

Oregon Ducks tune in before the cameras move back to them

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The Traffic Report: Here comes GameDay

The I-5: The Beavers aren't here to be average

Dana Altman, Chip Kelly and the different ways to make a contender

The I-5: Bo Nix for Heisman? The Oregon quarterback is building a resume

From Canada, with joy

Episode 46: A conversation with Mike Yam of NFL Network and a Mariners therapy session.

Jackson Shelstad is enjoying the temporary quiet

Is Marcus Arroyo breaking the post-Oregon curse in Las Vegas?

The Traffic Report: The cream is rising to the top of the Pac-12

The I-5: Oregon's got a running back, Oregon State needs a quarterback and we may have been wrong about UCLA

Dan Lanning and Ducks do to what Chip, Mark, Willie and Mario couldn't against Stanford

The I-5 Corridor's grilling guide to an 8 p.m. kickoff

The Traffic Report: A near-miss for the Beavers and Oregon's high-flying offense

The I-5: Oregon's rolling, Colorado's plummeting and a tip of the hat to the OSU defense

Chance Nolan’s 4 interceptions douse Beavers’ upset attempt over No. 7 Trojans

Oladapo, veteran Oregon State secondary in for biggest test against USC

The Traffic Report: The Pac-12 might be fun

The I-5: On Oregon's big boy football, Washington’s dynamic quarterback and more from Week 3 in the Pac-12

Ducks pass 1st* test and head into Pac-12 play with a forming identity

Episode 45: Keeping track of Thomas Tyner's 643 yards

10 years after record-setting day, Oregon still hasn't quite seen anything like Thomas Tyner

Hoffmann: My stomach's guide to a summer in Portland

'I'm so glad he's back': A mother's view of Cam McCormick's return

The Traffic Report: That'll do, Pac-12. That'll do.

The I-5: On Jonathan Smith’s confidence, WSU’s upset in Camp Randall and more from Week 2 in the Pac-12.

The smoke lifts on a new Oregon era

Episode 44: That time Oregon stopped Josh Allen

Marcus Harper’s 1,014 day wait comes to a close

Portland State throwing new wrinkle at Washington — defense

The I-5 Traffic report: Goodbye Georgia, hello Oregon State

After Georgia, some needed quiet awaits the Ducks

Oregon defense needs to “take our medicine” after beatdown

Dan Lanning and Ducks bit by Dawgs he once knew

Episode 43: 'I think Oregon can cover'

How Dont'e Thornton became the man of the room

A quick guide to Ducks Rising, the latest Oregon NIL collective

A decade after his debut, Marcus Mariota is beginning to understand his Oregon impact

The I-5 Traffic Report: It's Georgia week

Episode 42: Christian Caple on the new-look Huskies and Ichiro

Welcome to Year 2 of The I-5 Corridor

The I-5 Traffic report: Anthony Brown Jr.'s revenge tour

Todd Van Horne’s eye for the brand lives on through a “sprucing up” of Moshofsky Center

'It's not going to happen overnight': 7-footer Nate Bittle works toward big 2nd year with the Ducks

The mid-camp roundtable: On preseason rankings, early opponents and a change of scenery.

Everett Hayes is striving for consistency, just like the Beavers; Patrick Herbert makes his return: I-5 Traffic Report

Junior's in charge: Oregon's new WR coach expects growth from talented group

A couple thoughts after a week at Oregon State: The I-5 traffic report

'He's kind of like our spirit animal': On the Justin Flowe you don't get to see

Seen and heard at Oregon Ducks media day

Commitment from 5-star KJ Evans breathes life back into Dana Altman’s Ducks

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'It's just playing catch — until it's not'

Can the Oregon Ducks and Dan Lanning change the Pac-12 conversation?

Episode 40: Goodbye, Worlds. Now what?

The Oregon Ducks preseason writers room

Devon Allen was robbed, the Blazers get crowned and the Mariners could still screw this up: The I-5 traffic report

Help The I-5 Corridor fight inflation

Spencer Webb's story was short, but he made sure to share it

Finding the Oregon version of the "Carrier Classic"

Dante Moore is Oregon's and the sky can fall elsewhere: The I-5 traffic report

Kellen Strahm and Justin Herbert: Different routes, same grind for former Sheldon stars

Cash rules everything

How Dante Moore and Richard Young would stack up against best QB/RB pairings in Oregon history

On KD and Dame, Shaedon Sharpe, an introduction to The O's new columnist, LIV arrives: The I-5 Traffic report

Mailbag: What does the new era of the Oregon/Washington rivalry look like?

Episode 39: Josh Conerly Jr.'s time is now

The best of Oregon's home schedule, Vernon Adams Jr. gets the hook and the Mariners get what they paid for: The I-5 Traffic Report

Episode 38: A conversation with John Canzano

Devon Allen's getting faster, Oregon State stays alive, a hot seat at Hayward: The I-5 traffic report

Episode 37: How Brian Koch turned Lombard House into Oregon's best beer bar

Dear Jody: Just do it

Pumpkin Ridge and the LIV Golf Fyre Fest

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What it feels like to run a lap at Hayward Field

Episode 36: The road to the Pre Classic 400

At North Marion, Randy Brack has built a diamond trying to withstand the test of time

What if Oregon didn't have to remember the Alamo?

The grand heist: Oregon State's route back to Pac-12 dominance starts on the bases

There's only one question left about Dan Lanning and his Oregon staff after latest recruiting win

Written Q&A: Kenny Farr, Oregon Equipment Administrator

Episode 35: A conversation with Oregon's Kenny Farr

Portland's Riley Williams has college football's elites stopping by Central Catholic

Episode 34: The AJ McCord exit interview

How Oregon landed South Carolina transfer Jermaine Couisnard

You can't pluck Dillon Brooks' feathers now

Episode 33: The I-5 Corridor's guide to Portland's one nice day of spring

The Friday 5: Payton Pritchard's maturation gives Celtics boost into Round 2

Brian McAndrew channels the spirit of Prefontaine in post-Supwitchugirl return to music

The sights, sounds and smells from the Oregon spring game

‘We probably took more shots today than any spring game combined’: Oregon’s offense dials it up

Mailbag: What's the one Oregon sporting event you had to have been at?

Adopt-a-Highway: Brian Tovey

Vernon Adams Jr.’s big investment

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Two goals, a smile and a press conference: On a memorable night for Portland Thorns midfielder Hina Sugita

Hsin-Yu Lu and Oregon's 'Team Taiwan' have turned the Ducks into a golfing force

Episode 32: The kids are here, now can the Mariners score runs?

Turns out, Phil Knight* is an Adidas guy

Kel’el Ware’s Nike Hoops Summit performance a good sign for Oregon hoops

Happy Opening Day from The I-5 Corridor

Episode 31: Bill Oram's 'Slowtime'; The Little Cuties go to Texas

Bo Nix, Ty Thompson and a history of Oregon spring quarterback battles

'I gotta at least try': Devon Allen returns to the football field

Episode 30: Ducks dig the long ball; Final Four memories with Steve Mims

The Oregon 50: The best of Ducks Twitter

A conversation about top 2024 quarterback Dylan Raiola and Oregon's status in Arizona

Oregon spring game legends: The who, why and where they've been

Does Dana Altman have a final Oregon act in him?

NCAA Tournament: Gonzaga, Drew Timme and UCLA leave Portland as the class of the West

NCAA Tournament Day 1: Gonzaga survives and America falls in love

The I-5 Corridor's guide to the NCAA Tournament's Portland regional

Watch: Dan Lanning kicks off his first spring with Oregon

From the Bleachers: Bring Marcus home (ish)

A few thoughts after The Oregonian and John Canzano part ways

Episode 29: The Nate Costa exit interview

Episode 28: Spring football and a conversation with Connor Letourneau

The system's quarterback, a running back battle and a lightening of the mood: A few thoughts as Oregon spring ball nears

The I-5 Corridor at six months

Mailbag: How much did Cristobal tinker with the offense?

Hoffmann: Oregon is dangerously close to losing NCAA Tournament shot

Outside the bubble: On the Cristobal era, Pac-12 CFB hopes and Yoga studios

Episode 27: The Ducks and Beavers as the next Duke/Carolina

Breakfast with Barny: Kicking off spring football at Portland State

‘The genius is in the simplicity of it:’ How Dana Altman slow cooks late-season runs

Yet another story about how young Kenny Dillingham is

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Oregon recruiting: 10 prospects to watch for the 2023 class

Episode 26: Who wins between the 2015 and 2019 Ducks?

Episode 25: Diving into Oregon's surge

The end of waiting for Dame and CJ

NFL photographer Ryan Kang on lasers, postgame handshakes and shooting Tom Brady

Unranked and underappreciated, Eric Williams Jr. just wants to win

Watch: Dan Lanning on Oregon's 2022 signing class

Cooper Kupp's NFL success and the college coach who can finally enjoy retirement

'He's always looking for an advantage': How Dan Lanning's William Jewell years shaped his meteoric rise

Episode 24: A conversation with DeVon Pouncey

Ty vs. Bo, a return to Vegas and Bash Brothers 2.0: 10 predictions for Oregon football in 2022

USC lands Travis Dye and the Pac-12 gets a little spicy

Episode 23: This is an 'Aidan Schneider to the NFL' podcast now

Mailbag: What are reasonable expectations for Dan Lanning's first year?

Making sense of Travis Dye jumping into the transfer portal

Video: Dan Lanning is back at Oregon and ready to go to work

Episode 22: A conversation with Chantel Jennings

Dan Lanning's defense dominated Alabama. Now his work begins at Oregon.

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'I know it's a little weird': Behind the toilet humor at Wednesday's halftime show

Episode 21: Who contends for a title first, the Ducks or Blazers?

Pouring one out for the institutional knowledge in the room

There's no rest for the Youngs